Products : Briefcases & Computer Carry (72)

  • Brief Bag

    Brief Bag

    G1699 - Brief Bag

  • Tirano Laptop Satchel

    Tirano Laptop Satchel

    Quality canvas-like polyester satchel with classic design inspired by the culture and creativity embraced by Italians - it offers innovation and personal expression.

  • A4 Leather Tablet Compendium

    A4 Leather Tablet Compendium

    Classy and corporate, this Leather Compendium is designed to accommodate the latest digital devices, while the rotating stand adjusts for portrait and landscape viewing for great flexibility.

  • Exton Vertical Satchel

    Exton Vertical Satchel

    From the modern and functional Exton range, the Vertical Shoulder Satchel is lightweight, strong and comfortable, and a handy way to carry your gear.

  • Bonded Leather A4 Compendium

    Bonded Leather A4 Compendium

    The class of bonded leather coupled with an A4 writing pad and business card holder makes this compendium ideal for the conference executive.

  • Bonded Leather A5 Folder

    Bonded Leather A5 Folder

    The handy size of the Bonded Leather A5 Compendium suits business people on the go.

  • A5 Notepad

    A5 Notepad

    All the style and function of an A4 compendium in a neat and easy to carry A5 size, featuring slip pocket and mesh pockets.

  • Cotton Satchel

    Cotton Satchel

  • The Luxe Tablet Cover/Holder

    The Luxe Tablet Cover/Holder

  • Innovator Compendium

    Innovator Compendium

    Don’t forget your tablet! You’ll look smart and focused with the Innovator Compendium.

  • Executive Innovator Compendium

    Executive Innovator Compendium

    Smart, stylish and functional. With handy display stand conversion, the Executive Innovator Compendium is the perfect tool for your tablet presentation.

  • Surrey Tablet Folder

    Surrey Tablet Folder

  • Velletta Tablet Folder

    Velletta Tablet Folder

  • 24 CD Holder

    24 CD Holder

    In the car, at the desk or in your briefcase – keep games and disks handy for all occasions.

  • PVC 12 CD Case

    PVC 12 CD Case

    PVC 12 CD Case

  • Osaka Laptop & Tablet Bag

    Osaka Laptop & Tablet Bag

  • Osaka Laptop & Tablet Backpack

    Osaka Laptop & Tablet Backpack

  • Rio Laptop & Tablet Backpack

    Rio Laptop & Tablet Backpack

  • Osaka Tablet Bag

    Osaka Tablet Bag

  • Rio Tablet Bag

    Rio Tablet Bag

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